We occasionally post relevant non-Novato news. This item, from our own Marin County, is timely education for our readers, and for Novato city officials.

San Domenico school is in San Anselmo, and the application was through Marin County. The following is a quote from Victoria Siever’s September 28 newsletter, and the two excellent documents submitted by our colleague Theodora Scarato.

“”Sent Friday, 9/23, the exemplary letter begins, “Cell antennas and cell towers should not be placed near schools and homes. Safety is not assured even if the cell tower is compliant with FCC limits.” The letter cites several scientific publications, as well as examples of protective policies established by other countries. Over 50 references are included. EHT Executive Director Theodora Scarato also sent additional scientific documents and an excellent 15-page 2022 EHT publication entitled “5G, 4G Cell Tower Radiation: A Regulatory Gap.”  The full letter to the school and the (regulatory gap) Cell Tower Radiation Briefing are both attached, and well worth the read!

All documents for the nine-antenna faux water tower project: San Domenico School Use Permit and Design Review (P3436) – County

An appeals hearing before the Marin County Board of Supervisors is scheduled for October 25.”

Local News – Environmental Health Trusts sends cautionary letter to San Domenico School administration re cell tower project

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