Safe and Sound Pro 2

We performed preliminary RF testing in the Hamilton area of Novato at 4pm on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

We used the Safe and Sound Pro 2 Broadband RF meter, which can reliably test pulsed frequencies across the range of 200MHz-7GHz.

Safe and Sound Pro 2
Safe and Sound Pro 2



We will be doing more testing, and working to have the City complete regular testing of all areas near WTFs in Novato. It is not safe for people to be living and working in areas that are being blasted 24/7 with RF radiation over 1,000µw/m squared.

**I also made a cell phone call and recorded the RF radiation as a reference. The RF levels during the call peaked at 394,000µw/m squared, and was mostly between 20,000-70,000µw/m squared.

The cell phone levels are very high, and even higher if you use cellular data. They are comparable with the levels found in the Hamilton and COM areas. BUT it is important to note, that 1. people are not supposed to hold their phones near their heads, so levels from phones are slightly lower. 2. you can turn off your phone, and no one uses their phone 27/7. You cannot turn off a cell tower/WTF- it puts out toxic radiation 24/7.

The levels in Hamilton are tens of thousands of times higher than the levels shown to cause leukemia in children. People living in areas near WTFs need to know the signs of what is essentially a form of radiation poisoning, which include heart palpitations, tinnitus, issues with pacemakers, tumors, cancers. Please look at our ‘problems’ webpage for more information.


*help us pass a more protective wireless ordinance in Novato, which prohibits WTFs in residential zones or near schools –at least a 1,500ft setback. The ordinance must also require regular testing of WTFs that are already in place in Novato- in our current ordinance permittees are already required to pay for testing if the city chooses to test, but the City has never tested!

*Learn how to shield your home, especially your bedroom from high RF levels. Email us for more information, and look at our ‘solutions’ webpage.

*Get parents at affected schools on board to oppose the expansion of WTFs and to learn how to shield students from high radiation levels. We will give presentations to PTAs and schools, just ask us; we have a group of radiation mitigation experts that we are working with.


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