Don’t allow the State to take away local control of wireless infrastructure. 

In 2021, Gov. Newsom Vetoed CA SB.556, a bill that would have demolished Local Control over Wireless Infrastructure. 
Now, in 2022, Sen. Bill Dodd is back at it again with the Sneaky “Gut-And-Amend” Bill SB.717 which will authorize a study to be done which will inform CA State broadband policies but it does not include input from the public or non-industry experts! Read the proposed bill Here.

Today before 1pm is the last opportunity to oppose this bill. Please call the following Committee members listed at the bottom of this page and say:

“My name is, (……), I’m a California resident calling regarding SB 717 on the Communications and Conveyance Committee calendar today.

I STRONGLY oppose the bill unless crucial amendments are made so this that the study this bill authorizes will be transparent, inclusive, and fair. Details of the amendments needed have been outlined in a recent letter from Californians for Safe Technology to Senator Dodd. Most importantly, the definition of ‘stakeholders’ must not only include wireless industry providers and associations but ALSO independent scientific and medical experts in the field of non-ionizing radiation and members of the public who comment during public comment periods.”

Also, send an email to the committee members with the following Californians For Safe Technology letter attached.



ATTN: Members of the California State Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee: 

I am writing regarding SB 717 which is on the Communications and Conveyance Committee calendar today, June 15.

I oppose the bill unless it is amended to:

1) Include an opportunity for public input to the stakeholder committee (in person, in writing and by phone)

2) The group must include independent health and scientific experts in the stakeholder group as well as representatives of the public,

3) Stake holder departments must include PUC, CA EPA and CA office of health hazard assessment.

The committee must hear from experts about the new science that shows biological harm and harm to flora and fauna. The definition of wireline must include fiber optic to and through the premises not just to base stations.

Please see attached letter from Californians for Safe Technology for more details.


CALL/EMAIL THESE COMMITTEE MEMBERS (emails are for their staff person, ask for the email to be forwarded to the representative):

Chair: Assemblymember Quirk-Silva


Assemblymember Patterson


Assemblymember Boerner-Horvath


Assemblymember Bonta


Assemblymember Cervantes


Assemblymember Davies


Assemblymember Garcia


Assemblymember Holden


Assemblymember Low


Assemblymember Maienschein


Assemblymember Rodriguez


Assemblymember Martinez-Valladares


Assemblymember Weber


Take Action June 15 before 1pm

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