On September 13, 2022, our issue was on the agenda: creating a new wireless ordinance to replace the existing wireless code & sWTF urgency ordinance. Following is a link to video of the meeting, to an article about it in the Marin Independent Journal, a PDF of the article for those who are not subscribers, and my published comment on the article.

Meeting video:


Will Houston of the Marin Independent Journal covered the meeting:

I am an advocate for Wire Novato who attended this meeting which would not have happened without our efforts. Over the objections of councilmember Pat Eklund, the City of Novato chose to govern in a bubble, losing an opportunity to take advantage of public expertise and strong community support.

Our well-researched advocacy for an expert attorney, public workshop & timeline, and key ordinance points, were denied or ignored. Though some requests were granted (1,640 foot setbacks, fair public notice & comment period, posting of projects), much remained unaddressed. Contrary to the city attorney’s opinion, localities do have full local control.

We urge the community to join us in our continued fight for a public workshop, key ordinance points, competent technical and legal experts, and a moratorium on wireless applications until the new ordinance is passed. – Steve Glanz

Below is the full set of comments to this article.

City Council Wireless Ordinance Meeting 9-13-22

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