This Letter to the Editor was published in the Marin Independent Journal on June 6, 2022. Written by me, Steve Glanz. The editor changed the original. I added the correction in comments beneath the article, and will replicate those comments here. First the link which may be behind a paywall, then a PDF version of the article, then the corrective comments.

The applications also did not conform to state and federal law. After the city deemed the applications incomplete, AT&T failed to meet its 60-day deadline to provide the missing information. The four applications were then automatically withdrawn, per local law.

In EHT et al. v. FCC (2021), here is another important fact. EHT proved the hazards of wireless by placing over 11,000 pages of scientific evidence in the FCC’s record showing a wide array of biological harms from RF Microwave radiation exposure to cellular antennas.

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